Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Penis enlargement is actually appealing but frightening. Sure, a lot of men tend to present a positive facade about the idea. But there are so many mysteries shrouding penis enlargement techniques that there are more men frightened at the prospect of exposing their sexual organ to medical procedures than those who are willing to undertake the risk for the sake of a larger penis.

The question whether penis enlargement techniques really work is standing at the center of the male sexual enhancement conversation. Is it possible for the male sexual organ to grow in length and girth? The answer to this question is an uncertain ‘maybe’. To a large extent, it depends on the methodology utilized.can hardly see you


Every day there is a new pill on the market making promises about its ability to deliver unprecedented penis enlargement to the desperate men, and this isn’t even taking into account all the lotions and creams.

Not a single penis enlargement pill on the market today has undergone proper tests required to prove that it can actually deliver what it promises. As such, keep in mind that when you take some of these penis enlargement pills, you are doing so at your own risk.

If you consult your doctor about those pills, lotions and creams, he or she will probably dissuade you from using any of them since, as mentioned above, none has been approved by the FDA or even tested properly.

Vacuum pumps

Medical doctors have been known to recommend vacuum pumps as a means of treating erectile dysfunction. The devices can make your penis appear larger, but the effects are temporary. Besides, prolonged use of penis pumps can damage tissue. No respectable physician will recommend pumps as an effective means of enlarging your penis. Vacuum pumps improve blood flow to the penis thus having some benefits, but permanent penis enlargement in not one of them. 


Basically, this method works. However, there is a big ‘but’ about such surgery. This kind of operation tends to cause serious complications in many cases. Most professional physicians frown upon penis enlargement surgeries and may recommended them as a last resort only to those having a condition called micropenis.

You run the risk of infections, scarring, and all manner of nasty side effects, impotency included. This is despite the fact that surgical procedures usually cannot add more than a few centimeters to your penis’ overall size.


These devices are applied to the base of the penis when it is erect. By preventing blood from leaving the sexual organ, it is supposed to grow longer with time. Science has proven that clamps and rings can actually grow the length of one’s penis a bit, but extended use of the devices will damage the tissue of the organ. So the effect is only mild and temporary.

Statistically, most men that complain about the small sizes of their penis usually have regular-sized sexual organs. So, most men thinking about enlarging their penis don’t really need it.

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