How Nanotechnology will Transform Medicine

Nanotechnology involves manipulating things on the nanoscale, which is several times thinner than a human hair. While still in its infancy, the potential uses for this amazing technology seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Currently nanotechnology is being used to help make various health and beauty related products.

However, while nanotechnology plays a part in the creation of these products, the products themselves have no active nanotechnology in them. But this is certain to change as more advances are made.nanobots Nanotechnology is already being used to help deliver targeted drug therapies, which enables a patient to be given lower doses of drugs more efficiently. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the applications that this emerging technology can be used for.

Imagine a decade or two down the road when you go to the hospital to be treated for having clogged arteries, for example. Today the treatment involves using stents to hold the arteries open, but this requires surgery and the results are not always perfect. Instead, you might be simply injected with microscopic nanomachines that have been programmed to clean up and remove the plaque that is threatening your life. So rather than being admitted to a hospital for surgery and go through the recovery period after it, you have a simple outpatient procedure that requires a few injections, then you are on your way.

This is only one example of how nanotechnology can change medicine forever. Today cancer is treated with radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and the newest treatments involving immunotherapy. But what if there was a better way? Once more nanotechnology might be the answer. A team of doctors work with engineers to program nanomachines that are sent in to target only cancer cells and kill them. There are no horrible side effects, and the treatment is virtually infallible.

While these other uses for nanotechnology are probably a decade or more down the road, make no mistake that they are coming. Nanotechnology in the right hands can help cure diseases, heal injuries, and prolong human life. While there is potential for misuse, such as the engineering of nanoweapons designed to attack instead of heal, the potential benefits of this technology makes any risks well worth it. The day is coming sooner than you think when microscopic machines are injected into your bloodstream where they go about whatever task is needed to keep you in good health.

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