Scientific Proof that You Need an Intimate Relationship

Love, sex and intimacy. One look at those words and most people think that they have got it all. Well, did you know that a recent research concluded that 97% of couples desire a more intimate relationship with their partner? A good intimate relationship will not only make you and your partner feel…

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Non-medicated Ways to Cope with Low Libido and Have a Better Sex Life

A big number of adults suffer from a less than optimal sex life. The stress of everyday life and social responsibilities rob so many people of their libido, their energy and desire to engage in erotic encounters and pure sexual union. Another major reason why couples might engage less in sexual activities…

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Learn a bit more about Sex

As with most people, you probably do not know as much about sex as you might assume. Even taking into account your active sex life, it is easy to participate in sexual activities without actually understanding their true nature.

If you think you could afford to learn a little more about sex,…

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The Effect of a Heart Attack on a Sex Life

A recent study revealed that people below the age of 55 years who have suffered from a heart attack are likely to experience sexual difficulties for at least a year after having a heart attack. Researchers from Chicago University conducted this study and the lead researcher was Dr. Stacy Lindau Tessler,…

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5 STDs that are more Common than you Think

There are STDs that every sexually active adult is aware of and tries to protect themselves from. HPV, herpes, chlamydia and HIV are well-known but not the only STDs out there though, and sometimes the biggest danger is a silent one that you're not even aware exists. That is why we are talking about…

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Myths and Facts about the Female Orgasm

Women's sexuality has not always been a subject for close attention and study through history. Fortunately, for the last few decades, women's sexuality in general and the female orgasm in particular have become of great interest to both men and women. In fact, the female orgasm has become a topic…

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How Safe is Oral Sex? The Truth you May not Want to Hear

Oral sex has been gaining more and more popularity over the last few decades, both as a kind of foreplay and as an alternative to intercourse. But while everyone thinks they know what they are doing, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this sexual activity and its real risks for those who…

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5 Female Erogenous Zones that might Surprise you

When it comes to sex, everyone has their own preferences, and while there are spots that generally work for every single person — there is the well-known G-spot, for instance, which is almost like a mythical creature…

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Foods that are Aphrodisiacs

The human body responds to what we eat and drink. If you eat foods high in calories, you will gain weight. If you eat fish regularly, then your memory will improve. If you eat proteins, you will gain body mass. Truly, you are what you eat.

Similarly, foods may affect a person’s sexual urge.…

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Does Size Matter?

Controversy looms large and for good reason: the answer has never been found. Even if it has been found, there has never been a consensus about it. Of course, when the words “penis size” are mentioned, it directly touches on men’s egos. Seemingly a sensitive subject, the…

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