Levitra: an Alternative Use of the ED Drug

Bodybuilders and sportspeople often take all kinds of drugs and supplements in order to improve their performance and speed their results up. One type of drug that seems to have become popular and perhaps even trendy among body builders is that which is meant for treating erectile dysfunction.

Some of those men are in error thinking that drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra have steroids and other hormones in their composition which are responsible for the improvement of a man's sexual life and performance. In reality, however, these drugs are only blood pressure regulators, for the most part.

As a vasodilator, vardenafil and other similar drugs lower blood pressure and send the blood flow to specific areas — the penis, for example — and it is the increased blood flow that provokes erections and treats ED.working out

Now, while these pills do not actually produce or increase testosterone levels on their own, Levitra and other vardenafil variants can still be useful for bodybuilding, as they provide natural benefits such as improving your energy, stamina and blood supply to the muscles, all of which will help you work more productive and last longer in the gym.

On top of that, improved blood circulation also means better circulation of nutrients and oxygen, which is good in itself, as it will make results show more quickly, but also enhances the effects of any other supplements or steroids the man is taking to improve their bodybuilding.

With all of this said, it is important to note that Levitra and other vardenafil alternatives are still prescription drugs, which means they can only be obtained legally and safely with a prescription from your doctor. Also, when it comes to this unapproved usage, dosages should be really low — 5mg to 10mg a day — as there is no real circulation problem, and taking a higher dose not only does not improve gym performance overall, but can also come with risks for your health.

You should also know before you start taking Levitra that among what is usually referred to as ED pills it is the one which allegedly causes the most side effects. Men who take it for erectile dysfunction have reported dizziness, nausea, headaches and back pain among other symptoms, all of which can not only hinder your progress in the gym, but also be quite dangerous in high-effort situations.

Men who take Levitra and such for bodybuilding have also reported having unwanted erections mid-workout, which is an annoying, uncomfortable and humiliating side effect.

Lastly, continually taking high doses of vasodilators, especially if they are not actually need it, can lead to heart disease and complications, so you should be very conscious and wary if you choose to take vardenafil for bodybuilding.

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