Non-medicated Ways to Cope with Low Libido and Have a Better Sex Life

A big number of adults suffer from a less than optimal sex life. The stress of everyday life and social responsibilities rob so many people of their libido, their energy and desire to engage in erotic encounters and pure sexual union. Another major reason why couples might engage less in sexual activities is exhaustion.

According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 25% of the surveyed claimed their exhaustion to be a result of sleep deprivation. In another survey, 70% of sex-deprived working parents consider exhaustion from work as the major reason they are not having much sex. Of course, the libido naturally reduces with age, but still most low libido issues can be corrected with various mental techniques without even resorting to medication. Following are some effective ways to boost your libido and improve your sex life.couple meditating


Meditation is not only for monks, meditation is for everyone, and it can be beneficial to you in a myriad of ways, including sex. With just 10 minutes of your time per day, you can change your life in amazing ways, and achieve a kind of success that sex enhancement pills will never provide you.

Meditation also helps you become more aware of your emotions, and people who are more aware of their emotions typically have stronger bonds to each other and can enjoy deeper levels of sexual gratification.

Reducing stress

Many adults are overstressed as a result of the hectic obligations of everyday life. Stress is also a well known killer of a romantic mood. As recent research shows, elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, can inhibit orgasms in women and contribute to erectile dysfunction in men. You should try techniques to reduce your stress level, which will allow you to relax and enjoy romantic moments.

The focus on here and now

The mind thinks on its own just like the heart beats on its own. The difference between someone who meditates and someone who doesn’t is the learned ability of the former to selectively ignore certain destructive thoughts and focus on something positive. When it comes to erotic moments, this ability will help you stop worrying about your job, car, children, money or any other concerns you may have, and focus on the moment here and now so that you can deeply and completely enjoy yourself.

Drugs are not always the best option

Many men and women feel so stressed and tired that they pump themselves up with pain-relievers, anti-depressants, excessive alcohol and lots more. In the end, the individual's sensitivity to physical stimuli becomes reduced and distorted. Sex has a physical aspect to it, so non-sensitivity to physical stimuli translates into a sexual problem too. Meditation, on the other hand, will help you reconnect to your body so that you can truly enjoy every erotic sensation.

Feeling good inside

It is a long known fact that endorphins, the feel-good hormones, are responsible for your mood. A high level of endorphins makes the individual feel better inside, and anybody who feels good is of course in the mood for sex. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your endorphins

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